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Welcome to ZAREIV.COM


             Zare IV International is a Consulting &Trading company.The main objective of this company is to give services in Technical & Marketing areas. These services will be delivered in such a manner that clients can get maximum advantage of highly professional and experienced experts' ideas and suggestions. Our mission is to provide you with smart solutions for your problems.


           We deal with new investors and with running projects simultaneously. We provide services on 'turn-key' basis for new investors. By doing so we try to ensure that there is no hesitation for new investors to invest their hard earned money, with our consultation. Similarly for running projects, we try to be beneficial in  assissting them to run their businesses professionally. 


          This company gives services in making feasibility reports for new / extension projects, energy conservation, balancing of running projects, reducing the wastages and increasing the yield percentage. These mainly relate how product cost can be reduced. Moreover, it also gives services in increasing their end product values. So, by decreasing cost of production and increasing end product values, a significant increase in profitability can be achieved.